The Farm Cafe

May 2018

Week 21st May 2018 - Sandwich Week

‚ÄčIt's British Sandwich Week - celebrating all things involving bread & delicious fillings! As the story goes the 'sandwich' was created by the Fourth Earl of Sandwich who was a prolific gambler and so that he didn't have to leave the table to eat - he would request meats stuffed between two pieces of bread. The idea was that he ate with one hand and gambled with the other!!  His companions, also not wanting to leave the action to eat supper, used to order "the same as Sandwich" -  which over the years became - I'll have a 'Sandwich'. A lovely British tale indeed.

Personally i love a toasted sandwich with mixed fillings all oozing out with hot cheese, like a Tuna Melt or a Brie & Bacon. We've added some hot and cold sandwiches to our specials menu this week so why not pop in and order your favourite! We've all got one :)